Who We Are

Quality Bitumen Products Limited (QBPL) prides itself as a household name in the manufacture, procurement and supply of road grade bitumens and industrial bitumen products.

Our services are run from the bitumen plant that is located in BABA DOGO LR No, 336/203, RUARAKA, NAIROBI.

The plant was initially commissioned in 1992 by Special Bitumens Limited. QBPL acquired the plant in 2010.

The quality of our products has a twenty-nine (29) year history of supporting road projects in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and the wider East Africa region.

We manufacture

  1. A wide range of bituminous products which include:
    • Road grade cationic emulsions K1-40, K1-60, K1-70, K3-60, K3-65…
    • Road Grade anionic emulsions A4-60, A3-60…
    • Road grade cutbacks MC-30, MC-70, MC-3000, RC-30, RC-70…
  2. Industrial blown (oxidized) Bitumens 85/25, 115/15
  3. Water proofing grades and base paints.

We are importers and suppliers of:

  • Penetration grade bitumen seg 80/100, 60/70, 40/50,
  • Oxidised Bitumens 115/15, 85/25, 80/90
  • Viscosity grade Bitumens VG-10, VG-20, VG-30, VG-40

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