Business Activities

Our expertise is in road grade penetration Bitumens, Bitumen Emulsions, Bitumen Cutbacks, industrial waterproofing products and Bitumen Laboratory Services.

We trade in the bitumen end to end value chain; starting from its importation as a raw material for the plant to processing into assorted end products.

QBPL manufactures cationic and anionic road grade bitumen emulsions used as seals in road construction.

We manufacture the more stable emulsions, both cationic and anionic used to make slurry seals type I, II, and III.

We produce slow, medium, and fast curing bitumen cutbacks used as tack coats.

Under CSR initiatives, we offer internships and mentorship to Technical Vocational Education and Training Institutions (TIVET), College, and University students.

The industrial product range includes assorted bituminous water proving products and paint bases.

We operate an environmentally friendly bitumen oxidation column.

Our Laboratory has the capacity to test the whole parameter range for penetration grade bitumen, bitumen cutbacks, blown bitumen, and bitumen emulsions.

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